Welcome to the brand new Marcat website!

We are Marcat Dance, an international dance company with its own body language.

Behind Marcat Dance are the talent, inspiration and indefatigable work of its founders: Mario Bermúdez Gil and Catherine Coury. Both are prestigious dancers and choreographers who have made their passion a job by dedicating themselves entirely to dance. They are accompanied by a sensational cast of dancers from different corners of the world that are an essential part of this artistic home.

Marcat Dance influences

Mario and Catherine, multi-award-winning artists, come from very different geographical areas and have lived and researched in different countries for years. That’s why the spirit of Marcat Dance comes from numerous sources.

Spanish tradition and folklore are present in Mario’s imagery, which reinterprets the legends and music of his homeland, proposing with his dance a mystical meaning of them. Working in Tel Aviv with Batsheva Dance Company and discovering Gaga, a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin, also marked him deeply and has influenced his perception.

This exceptional mix is ​​joined by Catherine’s natural strength and technique. Before embarking on her path at Marcat Dance, she had extensive experience as a performer working in North America with renowned choreographers such as Shen Wei, Shannon Gillen or Andrea Miller. The freedom of the Gaga movement led her to explore this discipline, and she currently enjoys teaching Marcat Dance company classes and workshops throughout the year.

The complicity between Mario and Catherine is shown on the stage, where they complement each other, grow and communicate with the public, and create a unique artistic experience.

We enjoy creating

Since Marcat Dance was born in 2016, we have found inspiration in different cultures, rituals and landscapes of the world, so we are excited to work with international dance companies and develop unique pieces in collaboration with them.

We have also created our own original repertoire that speaks to who we are, our philosophy and our spirituality. In Marcat we are movement, we are passion and we believe in what we do. That is precisely why we enjoy transmitting our teachings so much. Training is an essential part of our work and one of the aspects we enjoy most.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our blog and our new website. We are looking forward to sharing with you all our news, releases, workshops, residences, shows and choreographies. We want you to be part of this great family and let yourself be invaded by the spirit of dance!