Mauricio Pérez Fayos


Originally from Valencia, Mauri graduated in contemporary dance from the Conservatori Professional de Dansa de València, where he received the extraordinary award at the regional level.  He works as a dancer in different national companies such as Proyecto Titoyaya, Led Silhouette and Taiat Dansa. He is co-founder of Colectivo Banquet.

He is currently studying contemporary dance choreography at the María de Ávila Superior Dance Conservatory in Madrid, where he has performed works by Sidi Larbi, Eduardo Zúñiga, Javier Guerrero and Mario Bermúdez in Preludio. As an emerging creator, he has participated in different national dance competitions, galas and festivals, such as 10 Sentidos, Circuito Bucles, Migrats en Breu ..

Mauri joined Marcat as a dancer for the Fall 2020 tour of Garip!