Wooden Bones

15 minute solo

Wooden Bones is inspired by a true story of Antonio Gil Perez, a local, athletic man in Mario Bermudez Gil’s hometown who turned handicapped at age 28 and is spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. The piece was created in a living room exploring time, the limitation of space, the fantasies of the music, and the ability to create humanness on stage. It became a piece filled with the idea of waiting and weighing the roles we carry. It became a series of questions:

What does it mean to wait? What do we think about? What do we see? Where are we in our minds, in our hearts, in the space? Somewhere? No where? With what emotions do we wait? How waiting is filled with the passing of time; the passing of age; how do we wait in each age? It connects to how the passing of time also is the passing of roles. How each role has its responsibility. What responsibilities do we carry? How even the chair holds a responsibility to hold life. And how life continues in a chair. The story unravels time, embraces memories and exudes the power of emotions.


First Prize Choreography Winner at Certaman Coreografico Distrito de Tetuan, 2017

Data sheet

  • World premiere Seoul Korea, 2016
  • Running time 15 minutes
  • Choreography Mario Bermudez Gil
  • Lighting designer Mario Bermudez GIl