Inside Kid

60 minute work, no intermission - 4 dancers

Inside Kid is a fantastical, physically dense piece that was created to remind us to connect with our own inner child. Universally, we all embody a child spirit within us who desires to express individual curiosity, playfulness, and sense of wonder. As we become older we become distracted and numb to our authentic youth, and we inadvertently hide our true colors staying trapped in cocoons. This piece’s purpose is to ignite our imaginations and turn on our listening to the kid inside us who is ready to play, ready to connect, and ready to participate in a curious creative world.

Inside Kid is a part of the AECID Catalog of Spain, 2020

Made possible by

The generosity of the Marcat Dance Creation Circle Michael and Christina Aubrey​, Jack and Ro Coury, Jack and Pauline Coury, Johnny and Jamie Coury. Special mentions and thanks to Johan Inger and Carolina Armenta, Michael and Lorraine Aubrey, Jen and Tim Peters and to the incredible 65 Kickstarter Campaign Donors.

Data sheet

  • World premiere Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out Dance Festival, July 25, 2018
  • Running time 60 minutes
  • Choreography Mario Bermudez Gil
  • Choreographic assistant Catherine Coury
  • Sound design Itxa Sai Mediavilla
  • Lighting designer Diego Cousido