Duet Alanda

30 minute work - 2 dancers (shortened 10 and 7 minute version available)

‘Duet Alanda connects and contrasts vital pathways of past and present while intersecting lines of lineage with movement memories of cultural beauty and traditional lore. Wherever its origin, the dance evokes life, ancient and new. Matched in strength and fluidity, the couple seeks to balance tension and tenderness, chaos and calm.


  • First Prize Choreography Winner from Masdanza23 in Canary Islands, 2018,
  • First Prize Choreography Winner from Certamen Coreografico Nacional DanzaXtrema, 2017,
  • Second Prize Choreography Winner from Copenhagen International Choreography, 2016,
  • Production Prize Winner from Copenhagen International Choreography, 2016

Antonio Francesco, Denver Review, 2017

“Together they seamlessly move shrouded in a dream time veil. Coury and Bermudez-Gil, artists from two worlds away, USA and Spain, are united as one. Both expertly trained, poised and compelling masters of solo and powerful partnering. ‘Duet Alanda’ can be seen, felt, understood by all life travelers.” 

ABC de Sevilla, 2018

“Not only is it an impeccable piece in concept and choreographic design, but also in interpretation.  ‘Duet Alanda’ evokes beauty and provokes emotion. Undoubtedly we will have to follow these creators and dancers with attention.  They inspire and create beauty.”

Diario de Sevilla, 2018

“Strength, precision, energy in space and time and a delivery to the ritual and the rhythm of some beautiful Sephardic songs.”

Data sheet

  • World premiere Studio Varda, Batsheva Creates, Tel Aviv, Israel, June 2016
  • Running time 10 minutes
  • Choreography Mario Bermudez Gil
  • Choreographic assistant Catherine Coury
  • Music La Roza Enflorese
  • Lighting designer Mario Bermudez Gil