65 minute work - no intermission, 6 dancers

Co-produced by Festival Italica in Seville Spain, ANHELO is a meaningful work that transforms the feeling of human desire into physical, dynamic, and resonating dance. Mario Bermúdez Gil uses the original soundscore by composer Jose Pablo Polo to recreate, through the body, a movement language that extends beyond the dancers limits. Six interpreters yearn to find calm, immersing themselves in an emotional process that connects their strong technique with the most human. The piece uses scenes from everyday life, elements close to all of us, with images that invite you to get caught. ANHELO is a sensory journey with musical rhythms in time and space that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the viewer.


  • Best Choreography – Escenarios de Sevilla, 2019
  • Best Original Music – Premios PAD, Sevilla 2019
  • 6 Spanish Nominations including Best Female Dancer, Best Male Dancer, and Best Dance Show of 2019

ABC de Sevilla

Anhelo is the announcement of what Mario Bermúdez is going to be able to do. There is an abundance of talent in this work that manages to create an absolutely contemporary and 21st century universe, with a recognizable language and that will give a lot to talk about shortly.

Data sheet

  • World premiere Teatro Romano at International Festival Italica, Sevilla, Spain July 9 & 10, 2019
  • Running time 65 minutes
  • Choreography Mario Bermudez Gil
  • Choreographic assistant Catherine Coury
  • Lighting designer Olga Garcia