55 minute work, no intermission - 5 dancers

Alanda is a 55-minute work that calls upon the ancient rituals and breathtaking landscape of old Andalusia (Al-Andalus) – a gateway between Europe and Africa and a place where different traditions and cultures coexist. Alanda is a place where tribes gather, lovers dance, battles abrupt, and desert winds echo its remembrance. The dance is set to a powerful cinematic music score featuring ethnic composers Armand Amar, La Roza Enflorese, and Les Tambours du Bronx. Alanda was made possible by creative space in Studio Varda at Batsheva Dance Company.


Alanda was selected in the program PLATEA of INAEM, 2020 – More Information

Brígida Tobón, Corpo Blog Prisma, 2019

The piece, possessed by a spirit of enchanting and great theatricality, tells the secrets and magic that keeps the conjunction of cultures from the beginning through cathartic movements. Their rituals whisper ancestral emotions that establish the connection between the interpreters and the public. Every moment of representation frees or transforms inside the spectators feelings born in a vital experience of deep aesthetics.

Alex Mariscal, Corpo Blog Prisma, 2019

The execution of the variations of the original movement cell is developed in sensory colors that lead to a successful climax, with strength, and with demanding rhythm for each of the dancers.

Data sheet

  • World premiere Inbal Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel, June 2016
  • Running time 55 minutes
  • Choreography Mario Bermudez Gil
  • Choreographic assistant Catherine Coury
  • Sound design José Pablo Polo
  • Lighting designer Mamen B Gil