The course is a physical and mental exercise inspired by the Gaga dance that includes both floor work and short fragments of the Marcat Dance repertoire.

Participants are constantly stimulated by changes in movement quality, dynamic texture, and musicality. Through physical and vocal play, participants will work to follow their own internal impulses, listening as individuals and as a group, learning their weaknesses, recognizing their confidence and becoming aware of the lightness and power they have within them.



Teacher: Mario Bermúdez
Aimed towards: Professional dancers and Advanced level
Date and time: From May 10 to 21 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Place: Andalusian Choreographic Creation Center (Isla de la Cartuja, Seville)
Price: 150 €
Minimum number of students: 10
Registration: Application form. Requests will be dealt with in strict order of arrival.
For more information, call 955 929 176 or email

Monday 10May
  • Start time 16:00
  • End time 20:00
  • Location Centro Coreográfico Andaluz de Danza Agora
  • Cost 150€