Anhelo in ELCHE

David Eusse López, Javier De La Asunción, Marilisa Gallicchio, Mario Bermúdez Gil, Martina Cabrero

Anhelo is a work of concern for the forms, composition of space and bodies in harmony. It passes on with serenity and precision to the ascending rhythm of the music of José Pablo Polo. It calculates its pace, weighs its images. Reacts to the lighting stimuli of Olga García, atmosphere designer.

It is far from the coldness of a certain rational contemporary dance as it is located closer to the bonfire of emotions, thanks to an organic execution that requires not only physical involvement of those who dance it: those six ductile, trained, sensitive and intelligent bodies that exchange energies, place their trust in each other, form a community and put solidarity into practice.

They are the strength of the collective.

Saturday 24April
  • Start time 20:00
  • End time 21:05


  • Location Gran Teatro de Elche — C/ Kursaal 1, Elche, Alicante
  • Running time 65 minutes