Marcat Dance wins two PAD Awards

A still frame of Catherine Coury and Mario Bermudez Gil performing the piece DUET ALANDA

Dear friends,

We here at Marcat are going to make a genuine effort this year to update you more consistently on the art we are so inspired and fortunate to be creating, despite these difficult times for artists all over the world!

OUT OF ELEGANT and Catherine Coury win at the PAD Awards

Our commisisoned piece OUT OF ELEGANT won Best Choreography at the Premios PAD
In 2020, we considered it a big honor to close the year by receiving two awards from the Premios PAD including, ¨Best Choreography for Out Of Elegant – which premiered in Taiwan in January 2020.

Catherine Coury and Mario Bermudez Gil perform the piece DUET ALANDA, for which Catherine has received an award

Catherine’s performance in the 25 minute version of DUET ALANDA won her Best Performer at the Premios PAD. Our piece DUET ALANDA premiered in Japan in early 2020. It is a 25 minute version of a previous shorter creation, which the press acclaims: Together they seamlessly move shrouded in a dream time veil. ‘Duet Alanda’ evokes beauty and provokes emotion.


Promotional picture of the new Marcat Dance creation ADAMA


In December 2020 we were lucky to create a half evening length, 30-minute work titled ADAMA, featuring new music by composer Jose Pablo Polo and the amazing dancers Marilisa Gallicchio and David Eusse. Its world premiere is projected to be in Marbella in May 2021 – with more details to come soon!


It is with great excitement that we inform you we are currently in creative residency in Vilches working on a new evening length work called Huesos de Madera.

The work will be a 60 minute duet featuring Choreography by Mario Bermudez Gil, Interpretation by Mario Bermudez Gil & Marilisa Gallicchio, Pianist Esteban Ocaña, Costume Designer Yaiza Pinillos, Set Design by Dolores Victoria Ruiz, Dramaturgy by Isabel Vàzquez Torres, Lighting by Mamen B Gil, and Distribution by Ritmos Del Mundo.

Stay tuned for behind the scene clips of Huesos de Madera as we work in the studio!


As we all know, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as for right now is not possible to guarantee that any cultural events will in fact take place in the same venue, date and shape in which they are announced in the first place. The same reason is behind the delays on dates announcements.

We will keep you properly updated with any news regarding our upcoming shows and performances. So far, we can tell you that our March 2021 world premiere of Quartour Pour La Fin Du Temps in Parma Italy for Nuovo Balletto di Toscano has been postponed again to 2022.

Our spring tour season will be announced soon!