ANHELO wins the Best Choreography and Best Original Music Award

Our most recent evening length piece ANHELO has received Best Choreography 2018/2019 from Escenarios de Sevilla and received Best Original Music from Premios Pad

We are excited to announce that Anhelo, our most recent piece, has received the award for Best Choreography 2018/2019 of Escenarios de Sevilla and received the recognition of Best Original Music from Premios Pad that are awarded every year from the Andalusian Association of Professionals of the Dance. In addition, the piece has had 6 nominations, including Best Female Dancer, Best Male Dancer and Best Dance Show.

We are happy and we want to send a special thank you to Festival Italica, Teatro Miguel Hernandez, and the entire artistic team and management of Marcat Dance for their inspiring work and dedication!

Anhelo, an emotional journey

Anhelo is one of our most special pieces. Mario Bermúdez Gil conceived it to be developed by six dancers during an hour of pure intensity. It is not difficult to identify with the story that Mario shows in Anhelo, because to build it he has been inspired by one of the most instinctive and passionate emotions that human beings can experience: pure desire.

Anhelo is a poetic experience. It’s that unique journey which cyclically travels from the desire, reaches its climax and ends with the nostalgia that appears once it vanishes and it becomes something else.

The work involves a personal journey that travels through different emotional states of everyday life, although I like that each person makes their own trip and interprets it in their own way.

Mario Bermúdez Gil

Anhelo would not be possible without the personal contribution of each of the Marcat Dance dancers who perform the piece. On this, Catherine Coury states:

“It is a work with a lot of heart in which we work with people from different countries with different lives but sharing the same yearning”.

José Pablo Polo’s anhelo

The Spanish composer José Pablo Polo has created a completely original music for Anhelo based on electronic minimalism that is able to bristle the spectators’ skin while observing the dancers’ unique language.

Choreography and music have shared the same creative process and have fed each other back, growing at the same time, setting up a single element. Olga García finishes perfecting the piece thanks to its play of lights and shadows that highlight the mystery of Anhelo.

We are totally honored to have received these awards, as they are a recognition of the work we do daily with so much love and enthusiasm.